Origin Information

Danau Kecil Sapan Group
Catimor, S795, and Typica
South Sulawesi, Sulawesi, Indonesia
March - September
1,400 – 1,900 meters
Volcanic loam
Wet hulled and dried in the sun

Background Details

This coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Danau Kecil Sapan group located in the central mountain region of the South Sulawesi province on Sulawesi Island (formerly known as Celebes), Indonesia. Sulawesi is a starfish shaped island, far older than the rest of the Indonesian archipelago, with a complex geography that includes thousand-foot rock walls exploding vertically out of rice paddy fields and capped in perpetual mist. The Toraja people are an indigenous group with a traditional village lifestyle that includes houses resembling boats and animist rituals called aluk to dolo (the way of the ancestors) that are reminiscent of Santeria. The coffee's hallmark Indonesian flavor is the product of wet-hulling, a uniquely Indonesian processing method in which the coffee parchment is removed before the final drying is completed.